Texas Medicare Supplement Options

Before applying for coverage, be sure to read “Choosing a Medigap policy” and “Medicare & You”, both available on the Resources page free with no obligation.


In order to be eligible for a Medicare Supplement Policy, you must be enrolled in Medicare Parts A & B.  There is a one time open enrollment period beginning three months prior to 65th birthday until three months after.  During this period no one can be turned down as long as they are eligible for a Medigap Policy.  Those persons covered under other plans, such as Medicaid or other  coverage may not be eligible, but upon losing that coverage as a result of being terminated by the company or Government agency would be eligible for guaranteed issue for 63 days after other coverage terminates.  It is not in your best interest to have duplicate coverages.  You may apply for coverage or shop to replace existing coverage, but you must meet the underwriting requirements of the insurance company you are applying.  When replacing your Medicare Supplement, be sure the new policy is approved prior to cancelling the old policy.

Medigap Plans Available:

The basic benefits of all Medigap Policies are standardized according to their plan type.  The plans available are A, B, C, D. F, FHD, G, GHD,  K, L, M and N.  Plans C, F, FHD are not available for those born after 1/1/1955.  Read the publications on our Resources webpage.  Those publications provide great information on the different plans as well as information to help you decide which plan might be best for you.  No matter the plan you choose, the benefits are standardized.  The prices are not however.  The prices vary according to zip codes, plans, and insurance companies.  The goal is to fit the best company based on price, price stability history, stability of the company, the plan that best fits the clients interests, and other important factors in deciding which company would best fit the clients needs.  Contact us for a review of your situation.  As a result of this review insurance products may be recommended for your purchase.

Not affiliated with nor endorsed by Medicare, Social Security, or any other United States Government Agencies or Programs.  Kenneth Guernsey is an insurance agent with Texas license number 833909.